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L2t Misbehavior?

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I am a new to use of Stagesource and am facing the following "misbehavior". I hope it is "new pilot" error rather than a defective unit.


I am using a JTV-69 into Pod hd500 via VDI connected to brand new L2T via L6 Link - sound produced as expected for a minute or so then sound quits, front LED turns red, and fan turns on. Fan runs for a minute or so then turns off, LED turns white, sound resumes. Cycle starts all over again. This behavior at normal room temp. Occurred sitting on desk with more than 3ft clearance on all sides. Same while on tripod stand.


Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong?





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Could be a defective unit... it happens.  The first L2t my other guitar player bought was defective.  It was just really quiet and seemed to overload at the input easily.  We set up one of my L2t's exactly the same settings and it was crazy loud and no overloads, he swapped it out for another one and has had no problems ever since.  

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