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The Electrik Model Was The Uberschall Model?


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I was looking for uberschall settings as I find the amp can be very picky to get good tones out of, and found a thread in the archive saying how in firmware versions 1.2 and preceeding the Uberschall model was the electric, and then got replaced with the current version of the Uberschall, and people petitioned to get the old one back and L6 brought it back as the "Electrik" model.


That makes sense to me as it fits the Uberschall description better in that the Eletrik has that chest caving bass that the description talks about in spades, and overall is much less difficult to dial in satisfying tones.


Never having played a real Uberschall in any of its revisions (twin jet, etc) which one is truer to the Uberschall amp? Are they modeled on the different revisions? The model that's now the official one, are real Uberschalls that difficult to dial in?


Any and all info is appreciated!

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After reading that guide, I feel the opposite of the author; I actually find I like the Elektric better. MUCH easier to dial in a good sound; I find it easier to dial out the crazy bass of the Elektric then to try and dial in bass that I feel is missing in the Uber model. Strangely, the Elektric also uses more DSP (had an effect heavy dual preamp chain going, and swapped out the Uberschall for the Elektric to see if it worked better and the DSP Over Limit breaker threw). I think I'll be using the Elektric from now on in place of the Uberschall as I'm getting much better tones overall out of it now. In fact, I've been jammin' on it all morning feeling that sense of discovery that happens every so often when I stumble upon another great tone with my HD Pro!

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I've only been able to compare the Bomber model to an Uberschall pedal, but I was able to actually use the bass knob on the pedal for heavy palm muting chugga chugga while on the Bomber model I pretty much have to turn the bass all the way to the left or it just farts out. But it's still nice and heavy :)


I'm trying to borrow it again so I can run it through the FX loop and compare it to Line 6 just for grins. Either way I do like the Bomber Uber.


I didn't realize that about Elektrik though, I'll have to give it a go :) New to the POD HD stuff, the last one I owned before going to an all-tube setup was an XT Live with Metal Shop installed (and I used the Bomber from that pretty much exclusively >.> ).

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