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Trouble Locating Pod Hd500 Static/hum/noise


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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read this.


While recording with my POD HD500, I have noticed an issue with some kind of digital static. It's usually not a big deal when I am playing, but when I allow my guitar to ring out (typically at the end of a song), I begin to notice an strange static coming out from behind the guitars. This issue is made worse if I double track or add additional guitar tracks, as it is multiplying the noise. I'm not very audio-tech savvy, so I was hoping someone could help me locate (and possibly eliminate) the source of this noise.


My guitar uses EMGX pickups. When I turn on the tuner, I get a clean, smooth DI tone with no noise whatsoever (unless I move my guitar's pickups within inches of the various electronics in my studio), making me think I should rule out the pickups. Additionally, changing cables has no effect. I've tried multiple lengths from Fender to generic, so I am also thinking I should rule out the cables.


The POD HD500 makes a constant white noise when I have it on certain patches. When I use my Treadplate patch (Drive 64%, Vol 100%, no pedals, just the amp), there is constant noise whether or not I have anything plugged into the POD. Is this normal? The noise is different if I choose different amps (being most obvious on Uber, Treadplate, F-Ball and Elektrik), making me believe this is just how the amps act in real life and are thus emulated, so I think this can be ruled out.


I thought maybe it was a ground loop hum, so I bought a HumX, but plugging various things into it (PC, POD, power strip) has absolutely no effect. Hopefully I can rule this out, return it, and get my money back.


I've tried using noise gates, but as long as the guitar is ringing out, the static is there. It has a very digital sound, and I suspect it might be coming from my computer. If turn my guitar's volume down, I get the amp noise I was talking about earlier, but as I turn the volume up (strings muted of course), it's like I'm dialing in this digital static.


Sorry for the TL;DR. My main goal here is finding out what is normal/abnormal and what I can fix (and if I can return my HumX... that thing was $60!)


Thanks for the help. I'll be happy to upload some examples if they are needed.


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A few days ago I had a hum/noise problem with my HD500 which I hadn't hear before, and nothing I tried (cables. output modes etc. etc.) worked. It was suggested on this forum that I try a global reset of the HD500 and recalibration of the pedal. I did that and it worked brilliantly. It's worth a try!

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...unless I move my guitar's pickups within inches of the various electronics in my studio...

Watch out for fluorescent lights and dimmer switches as they can add lots of 60hz noise.

Also PSUs usually found in studio environments may "load" the sound with hum/noise.


Check out this one:

DIY fix - guitar repair - Fixing excessive hum - fixing bad grounds


Search 4 "guitar hum". I am sure u will find useful info out there.

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