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Mags And Models Blended Problem

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With the great new firmware I have finally had a chance to play around with Workbench while connected to HD Edit and the JTV/POD/DT rig.  Really happy with what can be done now.  Finally realized what many had been saying about adjusting string volumes and it really helps to bring out string definition during play.


However,I tried using the blending feature at the bottom left of Workbench and a strange problem has come up.  No matter what model or mag combination I try, if I blend the mags in say to 50%, my D string sounds like it is actually a different model to the rest. 


For instance with Lester 1 and HB pup on my 69 - Play a scale up from the bottom E and it sounds fine on E and A, rich, warm, but as soon as I hit the D string it sounds like a Strat/single coil. G,B,E all back to the Lester/HB tone.  Turn off the mags, it sounds Lester all the way up, turn off the models it sounds Lester all the way up, blend them together and D string quacks.  Similar stiuation with other models and pup combinations too.


it's not a big deal really, I don't plan on making use of this blending feature other than goofing off, but I would like to know if anyone else experiences anything similar.


Other than that I am very happy with this latest update, I almost feel like I have a new guitar in my hands, it sounds that much better to me.  The whole package has suddenly come to life.

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Does it happen with other combos as well, or only with the HB pickup?


I made 5 different models, 1 for each of the 5 positions on the selector switch.  Each a different guitar model and each a different mag pickup blend.  The problem occurred at all switch positions.  I don't see it as either a mag or piezo problem because without the blend it sounds perfect, no issues.  As soon as I make the blend in Workshop though I hear the D string change...  very wierd...

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