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Disable Volume Pedal, Volume Question.


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I have a 3 piece classic rock band, I'm using a spider 4 75 watt with short board. My question is can I disable the volume pedal on the 75 watt amplifi like I can on the spider 4 ?


It's really annoying to step off the wah and then have control revert to the volume pedal at a gig. On the spider 4 you can set the min and max for the volume pedal essentially disabling it. It would be even better if there was simply a way to disable it completely.


I also have the spider 4 75 watt never turned up louder than 10 o clock. It's plenty loud for bars at that setting ,the way I have the channels set.. Can the 75 watt amplifi compare with that? ...anyone have any experience with that?

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