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Knobs, Settings, Displays And The Johnson Millenium

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Happy Monday!  I'm hoping by the title of this forum, this is where we can let loose a little and not be topic specific in terms of support and helping each other out.


I'm reflecting on my Dream Rig right now.  I would hug it, but that would be weird...


I wish the POD HD and DT lines had knobs and numerical displays like the old Johnson JM150 and 250.  You change a patch and each knob took on the level setting in the patch.  If you turn the knob, it just adjusts from the level in the patch, not the knobs current value.  And doesn't jump to its current physical level when you touch.


i.e.  Volume Channel knob is dialed to 12 O'clock, or 50%.  You change to a new patch and the Channel Volume of the patch is 25%.  You want to tweak the level and touch the dial to turn it to up -- just a little -- from 25% to 40%.  What you get now is an immediate, although split second, jump up to 50% as you dial it down.


in the Johnson line, the pots had no stops, they were continuous and no lines printed on them.  And each knob had a display above it of the level setting, down to one decimal point.  In my example above, when you change the patch the Channel Volume would read 2.5, not 5.0.  You dial the knob slightly clockwise and it goes from 2.5 to 2.6, etc.  The knobs take on the patch setting's value, not its last value.


There is a few good YouTube videos out there about these amps.  I'd love to have one.  They had it going on, brains, tubes and it they're stereo.  Came with Vintage 30's too.




 - Tony

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