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2 Separated Outs?

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I have 2 guitars that are connected to the HD500x. The first is Tom anderson which is connected to the "guitar" input and the other is Variax Jtv69 which is connected to the Variax input. How to do a setting that the Anderson will go to an amp and the variax will be send direct to the PA?I will appreciate giving the  instructions step by step...thanks.

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You will need to set up a dual-amp, dual-path, panned hard left and right patch. I created a quick "Sample" patch which illustrates this in a basic manner.


Input 1= variax

Input 2 = guitar


FS1= boost comp / red comp

FS2 = tube drive / screamer

FS3 = '62 spring / hall reverb

FS4 = digital delay / dynamic delay


I set the footswitches in a simple way, it's not ideal for actual playing, because each FS turns on/off both channels effect. IE, fs1 will toggle both compressors, fs2 will toggle both drives, fs3 both reverbs, fs4 both delays.


You need to, as you will see in the patch (it's in the attached .zip file) drag all the pre and post FX blocks into the two amp channels so as to keep the two inputs divided. The mixer also needs to be panned hard left and right, as it's set in the patch.


In this case "path A" is panned left, and that's the Variax,

"path B" is panned right, and that's the Guitar.


Keep the output mode as "studio direct".


Run the left XLR out to the PA.

Run the right 1/4" out to the FX return on your amplifier.

Dual Tone_Left-Right.zip

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