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Question About Studio Monitors (specifically The Rokit 5)


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Does anyone know if running two separate balanced inputs to my pair of KRK Rokit 5 monitors is OK to do? I have one balanced set running into the balanced input of the Rokit 5s from an M-Audio Fast Track Pro using a TRS->TRS balanced cable this is my recording interface. I would like to ALSO connect a POD HD500 via an XLR->XLR cable in the other available balanced input. They could both be potentially running at once I suppose so I am wondering if this is not a good idea? Anyone know before I just suck it up and try it tonight? 

If it matters, the reason I want to know is that I am hoping that using a true FRFR system at home will help me enjoy my POD more as I don't feel the pair of Power Engine 60s I've been using are actually FRFR.  I don't gig at present so really the L2T would be overkill for me.

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I think you'l find using XLR connectors will be a volume drop compared to the line input.

It will not harm the rokets but you'll have little volume as the balance inputs on the rokets are design to 

handle +4db equipment with the HD500 is line level.


I'd recommend the line outs of your POD and line inputs on your rokets.

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