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Been Exploring Some New Things On Hd500x And...


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I am wondering how is the quality of sound with partnered with external analog pedals (pre, in FX Loop, and post).  For example, I'll put my favorite OD before (either pre HD500x or in an FX loop block) a preamp-model in HD500x. Does it sound good or does the HD500x alter it in some way. Can you share some good tips in mixing analog pedals with HD500x. Thank you :)

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I play through a blues jr amp which doesn't have an fx loop so I'm using the HD500 as a stomp box (amp turned off inside POD). I recently bought 2 OD pedals and put them in the POD FX loop but I didn't like how it sounded. There is another thread titled FX Loop Noise that gets at this issue.


So I'm using the ODs in front of the POD: guitar->little green wonder->fulldrive 2->POD guitar in->volume pedal->tube comp->digital delay->hall reverb->studio eq for clean boost->disabled amp block->mixer.


This set up sounds good to my ears and the new OD pedals sound better than the POD OD models. I just couldn't get the POD OD models to sound right for my taste.

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