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Changing Spidervalve (not Mkii ) Preset With Boss Gt. Is It 10 Possible?


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Hello guys!


I was wondering: if i bought one of those RJ45 to midi adapters, would i be able to change presets in my Spidervalve ( the old version ) with my boss gt 10?

I'm pretty sure you could have some basic function if you went midi to midi. BOSS to SpiderValve, but maybe your SV mki doesn't have midi (I can't recall as I have the HD100 mkii).


It would only be a basic patch up or down and bank up or down anyways I'm guessing unless you really programmed some in-depth CC changes.


EDIT: It would only work for mkii amps as the mki's don't have midi as I kinda thought. Maybe try and find a good used fbv shortboard.

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That's bad  <_<

I wanted to combine the GT10 effects with the spider valve amp sounds... :wacko:

You could still run the GT-10 in stompbox mode and run it into the front of your SpiderValve. You might have to disengage the preamps in the GT-10 to get the best sound that way so you're not having dueling preamps.


The best would be probably just use a nice clean sound on your amp and then use the BOSS for all the other dist effects and what not.

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