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Fbv Longboard Issue W/pod X3 Pro

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Just acquired an FBV longboard to use with a POD X3 pro.  Volume and wah pedals and their lights work, but the LCD display doesn't light up and none of the buttons or their lights work.  Has anyone else experienced this?


Update:  Ok, saw someone else mention in another post the ribbon cables inside the FBV coming unconnected.  Sure enough, took off all the screws and popped it open, two of the ribbon cable connectors came loose.  Popped them back in and now works fine.


My question now is:  What kinds of solutions have others used to keep the ribbon cable connectors from coming loose?  I noticed there was a sort of white caulking substance laid around the connectors but obviously they didn't work (they seem kind of soft).  Need something I can feel confident will not come loose during a show.

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Hey, there is a type of glue that you heat up especially for electronics connectors.


See tips here: www.gearslutz.com/board/geekslutz-forum/779190-hot-melt-glue-solder-joints.html

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