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Tried Monitoring With A Jambox, Surprising.


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Was using my X3 Pro and figured I'd give my ears a break from the headphones so I plugged the Jambox into the headphone jack and started playing. Wow, totally surprised me. I'll be using this little thing like this often. I also like the VOX Mini 3 for this purpose, but when you need a big sound that doesn't bother other people and you don't feel like using headphones the Jambox works.

Anyone else use tiny speakers like this lately?

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I actually use a set of Dell tower speakers plugged directly into my X3 Live, I power them with a USB power supply that was for an older phone.  They work great, it is not AMP sound, but good enough for me to hear the tones and the delays.  I am actually saving for the 800W Line 6 Powered speaker, this will become my new "Amp" behind my X3 Live. I will be able to use it in Monitor mode on stage withoug interrupting my sound fitn another amp trying to compete with my modeling.

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