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New Pod Farm User - Pod Farm Standalone Won't Load, Neither Does Vst Plugins

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Hi There,


I recently downloaded and installed a trial version of POD Farm 2.55 as I am considering the various packs of this software.  I only tried it a few times for the effects and the impression was very favorable but now all of a sudden it doesn't work and I would not upgrade the package if the software continues to to be this buggy.  


In a nutshell, every time I load the standalone program or vst plugins in any host it crashes.  For some reason it worked at first but after about two weeks it will not work at all and no uninstall and reinstall job has fixed this.  


I downloaded the software about two weeks ago on my Windows 8 setup and it worked without a hitch at first. Unfortunately, I only tried it a couple of times and didn't get around to playing with all the inclusions for a complete compression.  I tried loading again today but to no avail.  But now nothing loads.  Everything just crashses regardless of the host or the format.  I completely uninstalled and then reinstalled.  


The first time I didn't do anything with the license or authorization because my understanding is that it is an unlimited trial.  Maybe that was a mistake.  But I tried to fix this afterwards by going to the license manager and authorizing my computer this hasn't been able to fix the problem.  I even uninstalled and reinstalled and wiped everything from the registry and all user folders/program data folders for good measure before reinstalling and reopening the license manager.


Maybe something timed out but my understanding it is that it is supposed to be an "unlimited" trial version with very stripped down offering and I can't even use this now.


Can anybody help?  I might be inclined to upgrade to some of the nice packs but if I couldn't even get it to work properly with the trial version, I have no faith to spend any dough on Line 6 software.  Thanks in advance.

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Ok.  I figured out the issue.  Even though it is not registered to my ILok.  My ILok plugin was acting up.  My Ilok device had to be unplugged and plugged back in for ILok-related plugins to work.  Mysteriously, now my Line 6 plugins load up....


Excited to give this another go....

I'm more impressed by the effects than the amps themselves so far.

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