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Pedal Drone G#m change key


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Hi guys,


I really really like this preset, I really can imagine a lot of cool stuff to do with it, but I can't change the key of it. Instead of G#m I'd like to have this done in another key, but I tried to change the key on the first effect of the picture but it stays always in G#m. Can someone help me please ???



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OK so after playing around with it for a bit, it is a 500X patch but it loads in my 500 with HD Edit by drag and drop.  I think the patch may be corrupted somehow.  I checked it out as best I can and I don't see the expression pedals linked anywhere.  However, moving exp 1 changes the key through the full range audibly without any visible changes to the patrameters in HD Edit.  I can change the key in the Smart Harmony but audibly there is no difference.  There is the slightest change to predalay in the Echo too.  If i move exp 2 the timing of the Stereo Delay changes momentarily but goes back to its original setting and there is no link on the Controllers Tab.


I would suggest writing down all the settings for each effect and then reconstructing the patch from scratch.  That way you may be able to get the results you want.  I think linking the expression pedal to the Key and sweeping from A to G# gives you a lot of options.  It doesn't look like the Scale matters as it just seems to drone anyways without reacting to the notes you actually play.


Good luck and let us know how it works out!

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