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Atomic Reactor Owners!!! Super cool trick!!!

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Here's a really, really cool mod I did to my two Atomic 112-50s. After switching my stock speakers with both an Eminence Red Fang and Wizard, I then had a speaker jack installed between the internal speaker cut switch, and the speaker.


What that means is that by having the internal speaker cut set to "off," I can now use the cabinet as a passive cabinet with other amps!! DOUBLE DUTY!


If you do this mod, make "sure" to set the cut switch to "off" any time you use this as a passive cabinet... If you don't, you will get power "backwash" going back into he Atomic's transformer. Not a good thing:)


Super easy mod, and makes the Atomic even more versatile.

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Curious....Are the Atomics supposed to be somewhat "full-range" stock? Or are they just powered guitar cabinets with guitar speakers in them when you get them?

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