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no sound in POD HD Edit


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when i started pod hd desktop application i can not hear anything.

headphones plugged in pod hd, primaty sound card is pod hd.

when i when I take out the wire usb cable from pc pod hd begins to sound but connection pod hd with PC by usb is lost.

what i do wrong?

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For live playing, just start the Line6 Audio - Midi Devices Tool which is part of the driver. Then change to tab INPUTS & RECORDING. Now turn the slider "Hardware Monitor Level" to the right. This will enable direct monitoring.

In contrast to this, when you are working with a DAW software, you can use the RECORD SEND LEVEL slider instead. Now you can hear the sound when you have enabled the DAW integrated monitoring function, so you are able to let your guitar signal pass some virtual effects.

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When you say desktop, I presume you mean EDIT.

You should be able to hear thru the headphones.

When you connect the usb and open EDIT it will load the presets in the PODHD.

If it doesn't do that then it is not connected.

If it not recognized you'l need to fix your Win 7.

search other thread called "cannot connect via USB cable" in this forum.

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bjnette: "You should be able to hear thru the headphones."


>>> If the hardware monitor is set on minimum volume, then even headphones will not make any noise when opening HD EDIT. The ASIO driver will make the device silent when you connect via USB if not taking care of the Harware Monitor Level.

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