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Pod Hd Pro Stopped Working...help!


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Bought a new HD Pro a few weeks ago. Tonight it stopped working. It powers on but all I get is the Line 6 logo slowly flashing on and off on the LED screen. I tried powering it down from the on/off switch and also unplugging from the back. And I have a gig this Saturday...help!!!

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Greetings friend, I commented that I'm having trouble with the sound of my line 6 hd pro since upgrading to the new version of flah memory, step detail what is happening to me.


1 - I have to restart once power rack so you have all the gain distorted sounds after restarting sounds fairly well I think.

2 - after the update some preset note had sounded as latency and after touching, sort it by entering the delay or changing a parameter reberd anyone normally be there again, that was just some preset.

3-I have a problem with wha wha sounds, they sound like they have no profit and with many media and bothering my ear, not the distortion added wha wha, is how to lower the distortion level and will add much medium and sounds bad, for my taste.


Seeking information I found that you can fix that by reinstalling the flash memory, but I know which version I have to install the factory??? which brings not made​​, do not remember.

I now I have installed the latest version of Flash memory.


please if anyone can help me, I hope not to be the only one that has happened to this problem.

from and I appreciate the help, I am waiting for a solution.


thank you very much



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