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Audio over USB question


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I have a question about the audio over USB functionality of the HD500X.


I use a audio interface when I'm recording and use plug ins, and I use the HD500X for live work.  The other day I was experimenting with using the HD500X as an audio interface and incorporating Ableton Live into my live rig.  


Since then whenever I plug the USB into my laptop it mutes the analog outs of the HD500X and audio is only passed through USB.  


I don't remember changing anything specifically to make this happen, and I'm not sure how to undo it.


I don't mind being able to choose whether audio gets passed via USB or analog outs when connected, I just can't figure out how to change it :)


I haven't messed with it much since this happened, and I haven't tried re installing the driver yet.  


Any suggestions?



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Try using the Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices control panel item (on a PC; there's an analogous item on Mac systems). There is a slider that controls the hardware monitoring volume level. This control is used to balance the volume of the HD device with the volume of sound coming from the PC side. If the slider is set to zero your device's analog outs are muted.

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You know what else is funny?

I was told you couldn't run EDIT and audio into your DAW over USB but you can do both.


I got a soundcard as well and when the HD500 is connected via USB, it takes over as interface and the MAudio sound card is not available in my DAW preferences menu.


It might be that the USB is not available if your interface is already selected and connected in preferences.(might)

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