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4 cable method on amp and xlr to mixer simultaneously


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Hi i need your help, i bought an amp with fx loop, and i tried the 4C method, and was easy and wonderfull, I use de pod hd amps but i realice that amp cabinet make the amp sound more dark or bassy, but when i select no cabinet on the pod HD sounds amazing like i heard on the mixer. Now this is the dilema, i play on church the sound boy always prefered direct line to the mixer, he doenst like puting mic in front of the amp  :angry:. So i connect the pod with xlr cable direct on the mixer and sounds good on the line array system, but i never like the stage was an acoustic amp...ok back on the question is can i put on the pod hd 2 amps but one just a pream and the other amp/cabinet, split the signal so the Amp/cabinet sounds to xlr(Right) cable to the mixer, and the preamp only for the 4 cable method?...



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Yes you could do that. One left one right. Mixer to balance.


But an easier way if it is suitable sounding for you is to select "Combo" or "stack" in the output.

What I found is is you roll off the high end enough it sounds similar to "Studio Direct".


But here is where you can also roll off the low end if with cabinet too boomy.


Will it sound good both in the amp and XLR to FOH?


I think your idea might be more controllable.

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If you are digging your tone and simply want a decent direct approximation, I think the easiest thing to do is inject a DI on the speaker line...but not just any DI...


Behringer's copy of the red box is actually pretty decent, but the H&K is the original...Palmer boxes are pretty good too...

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