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Pod hd pro - Power input.


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I ordered my Pod hd pro from America (i'm from England) and it came with the power cable but it's an American one so it won't fit my plug sockets. I will most likely just get an American to English plug adapter but i was wondering if i can use a kettle lead (power cable) that is 10A 250V for the pod? On the pod above the power input it says 100-240V 50 - 60Hz 100w max so i didn't know if it would overpower it? or break it in some way?


I have loads of 250v power cables already so it will be great if i can just use one but if it's going to damage my pod i'll just get an adapter or buy a power cable thats 240v.


Any help would be great, thanks



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You don't even need an adapter as the you can use a standard UK IEC (kettel) mains lead. UK voltage is officially 230V now although I think we still hit 240V in actuality due the the allowed +/- tolerance.

So i can use a 250V kettle lead for the POD? i was just worried as the POD says it takes 240V

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