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noobie (I guess we all are kinda)


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Just got my unit.  preface by saying I purchased an HD500x in January and returned it.  I think about all the work I did with my Digitech GNX4 over the last nine years.  Hard to let go but I know I need to.  I thought the HD500x needed a ton of tweaking.  I couldn't put the time into it.   The idea of ios controlled was pretty cool.  I'm not crazy about the tones I'm hearing out there.  running through an Atomic Amp Reactor by Tom King, so amp is not coloring the sound.   no preamp.   so I'm willing to give it time and contribute new sounds I get that I think are decent. 


so here's the noobie question.  I can't find anywhere how it discusses saving the presets I create (or borrow) to the unit.  Please someone... help!

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