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FX100 Direct To Amp


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I know this has probably been answered a hundred times over.  Trying to get as much reading done as possible while still appearing to work.  I have a late 80's Marshall JCM 900 2x12 combo.  Got everything set up and ran the FX100 through the front.  Got a great sound and could tell the differences from the multiple set ups.  Like others, I still have that clean/crisp Marshall sound.  May not be able to get there from here but I want to get a heavy crunch.  Playing a Jackson Dinky.  Have an old BC Rich that has been set up drop tuned but have not tried that one yet.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Dont know if this will help anyone but this is the only way i got the fx 100 to  be workable direct through a amp...tryed many diffrent amps and ways

and the only thing that saved the fx was the usb recording that i thought lacked warmth...signal strength and distortion i wanted...i put a tube drive in front

of the killer z distortion in the effects chain to help that....k....i ran it through a peavy vypyr 2..ran the fx mono left out to the amp.made a clean program in bank 2 on the vypyr...bypass the inst/stomp...put the amp onthe focus acoustic....not the trace on the green light clean setting..then bypass the effects....pre gain at

9 oclock..,,bass treble mid at noon to start...post gain at 9oclock and master at  9...start with your lower leveled presets to see were you wanna set your levels


Personly i did not like the fx through head phones or to  a pa or sterio.....has good distortion selection but.signal was week...the peavy was is week on distortion...only reason i tryed this is because i bought vypyr 1 20 watt cheap and thought it lacked lil distortion so i dug out a boss me 30 i got for 20n bucks

years ago used it for distortion on alot of amps and it sounded good. with lil distortion on the amps distortion....it surprised me how good they sounded together and equelized the guitar high mids n lows.......after i hooked up the fx this way im going through my programs and retrying amps n cabs...cuz i can actually

hear them better

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I thought I would weigh in on this. I have an FX100 and am using it with a couple Behringer Truth powered monitors and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 3 amplifier/2x12 speaker combo. I am playing the music through the FX100 through the main outs to the monitors and the amp out to the guitar amp. I tried using the clean channel with tones at 5 and volume at 5 and used the master volume for output level. I tried this way and also with the amp out going into the effects return that bypassed the preamp and its settings. I was not getting the tone I expected and had got out of the monitors when the amp out not used. The output sounded pretty good through the monitors, but not the same through the amp.


I tried putting the amp into the more gain mode (the lead mode) with the amp out going into input 1 of the front end (preamp). I turned up the drive but not so much that it distorted the sound (fuzz). The master volume on this amp does not effect this lead channel so the main volume is set for how loud it is. I found that the sound coming out of the amp was pretty good this way. I figure using the "clean" channel did not drive the power amp section enough for the best tone. I also found that the amp that is used in the preset chosen in the FX100 made a big difference also. I had used some of the presets available for some songs through the FX100 for a Nightranger song, a Boston song, and an Eric Johnson song. The presets were not bad, but not that close to the artist's guitar (like Brad Gillis' sound). They used the Plexi Lead 100, Solo lead 100 head, and Line 6 JTS-45 with different drive and tone settings for each preset I downloaded into the FX100. There was a big difference in each. The Plexi Lead 100 in the the Eric Johnson preset I used did not sound like the Solo 100 head preset which was much stronger with the same drive level.


So this is what I think. The clean channel of my amp did not have the drive it needed to get the sound from the amp using the amp out of the FX100. When I used "more drive" setting and turned up the drive, I got good tone coming  out, aside from the preset amp settings being what  they were to simulate each guitar in the songs I used to get presets for. I tried using the main out into the guitar in on the amp, instead the amp out, and there was a large gain in signal and I had to turn down the amp. So it obviously is much stronger in voltage level than the amp out, too much for running it into the amp through the front end with the extra gain and drive I had set it for. So it seems to me that the FX100 was made for the amp's front end input with the gain you would normally use when you play lead (except not overdriving it to distort because you want the distortion to come from the FX100 preset configuration).


I am still experimenting since I have not had the FX100 more than a week. I have used a HD500X into the same amp and was using the unbalanced output(s) to one or two amps (for stereo effect) and running one into the effects return (power amp in) on the Fender and one into the main input on a Marshall Haze amp. This sounded pretty good using some of the presets with the Plexi Lead 100 amp and some other effects. The HD500X does not have a separate outputs for monitors (main outs) like the FX100 since it was made for the guitar only. I can use the aux in to put music through it and hear it coming out of my amp(s).


So if anyone has any thoughts on this, feel free to comment. I was able to use the amp out with good sound if my amp was set for the lead channel (what I was playing), and did not sound tinny at all, and able to play songs from my iphone Amplifi app into my monitors. My presets need some adjustment to sound a bit better, but it is preset's amp choices and settings that were the factor and not my Fender amp.

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I'm playing the FX100 through a vintage Gibson amp, but what I'm doing is turning all of the AMP MODELING stuff off, and just running FX and stomps through my amp. It sounds amazing. It doesn't make sense to have the AMP MODELING on when running it through another guitar amp. If you're plugging directly in to a PA speaker, or something w/o it's own coloration (like a guitar amp), then leave the AMP MODELING on (e.g., PA speakers, the Line 6 Bluetooth speakers, etc.). Does that make more sense? 

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