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XjwTu55.jpgHello everyone. I had to travel to another city for a gig, I took my POD HD500X with me and unfortunately it fell to the ground. The corner hit the ground and the screen is broken, it's driving me crazy. Do you know what kind of lcd screen the POD HD500X uses and where can I buy it? (preferably online) Thank you in advance.

Ps. Excuse my english.

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Bummer man bummer.

A whizz bang job would be to map the LCD pins / cable and reconfigure it connect it to a LCD monitor or

just connect it via EDIT software to a laptop to find where you are and set up lists so you don't need to look. BUMMER


You should be able to order the part no. and install that yourself.

I'd remove the  broken LCD from the unit and send that to Line 6 for a replacement.


Or give to a local repairer to remove and order the part.


Contact Line 6 as they might have authorized repairers nearer to you.

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Quick update on my smashed LCD. (Based in Ireland). Line6 UK sent me a UPS label to ship the unit back. I tracked the parcel and they received it on Monday. I spoke with them on Tuesday and the unit had already been repaired and it was on its way back to me. Cost 90 quid (incl shipping).  I have it back and am delighted with the quick turnaround and level of customer service they gave me.


cheer lads! :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D


I had to play one gig with my analog rig over the weekend and it reminded me how much pain my POD has taken out of the gigging experience!! I will definitely take better care of my baby from now on!! lol!!!

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Just in case anyone on United States goes through the pain of having a broken display for their POD HD500X, I found a store with the part. I can't get it yet because I live in Bolivia (and no one gives a lollipop about us) so I have to do a lot of lollipop to order stuff from United States... I'm glad I can still use my POD without any issues because the "black spots" on the screen get lost when the POD is turned on for like 15 minutes. Anyway, here's the number and part# of the lcd display of the POD HD500X

Part# 50-02-0156  (LCD SCREEN, HD500X POD)  $34.00 each + shipping

If you would like to place an order, please have the part number ready and give our sales team

a call at 800-356-5844 (please ask for sales)

Full Compass Systems

9770 Silicon Prairie Pkwy

Madison, WI 53593-8442

P: 608-831-7330                                                   

F: 608-831-6330



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Well so much for the statement...


"It's custom!  You will have to buy it through Line6."


I'd have thought that too but then it seems more & more components are getting bought off the shelves. Makes sense... let someone else do the R&D.

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