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Tuner problems


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Hi. I have the pod hd 500x. Somethimes when pressing the tuner button it don't go to the tuner... it shows the tuner but then switches back. Then I have to unplug the pod and start it again. I have also seen that some buttons light flashes like crazy. I have the latest firmware, but it was like this before too.


I really dont want to turn off the pedal in a gig. Can it be defect?

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*After re-installing the flash memory on a POD HD500/HD Bean/HD Pro, perform a global reset on the unit by holding the LEFT ARROW (<) button as you plug-in the Power adapter.? This will clear all global settings on the POD, reset the SETLIST names to NEW FACTORY SETLIST names, but it will NOT erase USER PRESETS.


also make sure to re-calibrate the onboard expression pedal of the HD500 after performing the Global Settings reset.

Instructions: How to calibrate the POD HD500 Expression Pedal.

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