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How to perform an Track Autopsy?


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Have a new 500x. Was hooked up to computer trying different presets to record. Was using the factory installed ones and was tweaking them. A few strums and playback on QT to check them out. Did that a few times. 


Picked one to play back and left others alone.


Turned everything off and put it away.


Come back later at night and hit a "test" track I did not play first time around and almost passed out. Perfect little beginnings of a great song. It had bass, drums, guitar and a voice actually humming a melody, in fact a second voice chimes in half way through.


I am freaking clueless to the preset I used and what I tweaked. yes, i am a moron. Any way to walk back what the heck i did?

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Well, it certainly wasn't the HD500 that contained the multi-track song portion. The Hd500 presets are sounds/tones, not recordings. Your Test song must have come from elsewhere - perhaps the recording program you are using, or QT?

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