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FX 100 Tentative review


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I really wanted to like the FX100. It has so much potential. I hope they can find a fix for my issue. I play an American Standard Telecaster and from my pedal it goes out to a PA system. I tried many presets and combos. What I find is with minimal effects, my tele sounds more like a badly emulated acoustic than a telecaster. (I have heard this is a common complaint about the Spider line of amps as well that all guitars sound alike.) As I said, I really want to like this pedal. I love the idea behind it, but the guitar needs to come through with its own native tone.

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Are you running from "amp out" or "main out" (left/mono).

Try running from the "main out" (left/mono, or both sides if your PA has stereo).

My results using the "amp out" have been nothing but disappointing.

I honestly don't know what it is even for.

I am running the FX100 into my tubemeister18 tube amp, using the main out (left), plugged directly into the front of the amp.

It sounds amazing.

And it is really loud (even louder than running straight into the amp without the FX100: and this amp is LOUD!).

I was about ready to give up on the thing myself, but now it is working as I hoped it would.

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I am the point of hating this device. I have never had this much trouble with any add on device in my experience and I have been playing and using equipment for 50 years. The device has worked not worked, worked a little bit, then worked a little bit differently and now not working. There is almost zero support from Line 6. There is really no instruction manual. You are just expected to watch videos and hope you can copy what they are doing. My phone control has never been good despite updating, installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, recalibrating, resyncing, you name it. I have spent more time trying to get the device to work properly than using it. I am to the point of sending it back to Line 6. I am very frustrated and expected a lot. I don't think this unit is ready for prime time and I would not trust it to gig with it. If anyone could be of real help I would appreciate it. I know this just a support forum and not actual support but I have yet to find any real support from Line 6.

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