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FX100 Tap Tempo Issue


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I have an issue with FX100 regarding how tap tempo works. Essentially it is not possible to set the tap tempo whilst playing a different tone which means that you are locked into the tempo that the tone is configured in and can't configure 'on the fly'. Here is my scenario.


I made a tone called Fuzztone Fizzadelic (based on the album I did of the same name while playing for a band called The Now). So I have set a bank on the FX100 as follows:


A. Fuzztone Fizzadelic (Straight Tone with no effects on)

B. Fuzztone Fizzadelic (With volume boost and slight delay for solo's)

C. Fuzztone Fizzadelic (With a digital delay set to say 80 bpm)

D. Fuzztone Fizzadelic (with a Jet Flanger)


So you are playing live and playing a song at 180 bpm using preset A and the solo is coming. You hit preset C and it switches to the 80bpm setting which doesn't fit the tempo of the song!


My question (at last). Is there a way to change tap tempo for all 4 presets at the same time so that I can play the delay live? Otherwise you can only use delay for a whole song on a single preset! You really need to tap the tempo before switching. The Line 6 HD400 range does this by allowing the modulation to be either off or on.


Of course I could set up all 25 banks with the tap tempo of the album but I really don't trust my drummer. Haha!


PS Check out the tone uploaded to the community at Line 6. It's a good old punk tone.



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