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fisical baffle,cabinet and POD HD500x (do I need a Head?)


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Hi everyone, I have a very basic question about connections (i guess).

I bought a POD HD500x and now i'm wondering what to buy as my output sound system.


First of all, can I use the POD hd500x as an amp? Do I need a head o buying a cabinet o baffle would be enough?


For instance I saw on ebay this Line 6 dt25 cab, theres no amp on it. How could I connect the pod into this cabinet?


Or I'll need the dt25 amp option? I mean, I have already plenty of amps sim options on my pod hd, so I prefer not to use another one if it's an option. But will that sound good?


thank you in advance.

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While the HD500X has plenty of amp and effect sims, it does not have a built in amplifier to power a set of speakers. The DT25 amp is a perfect companion.  When you use it with a HD500 the DT will use the HD500's modeling, and match the power stage to the amp model.

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