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Triple Play Users

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I got in a bit late on the "midi jtv" thread, no one has picked up on my questions there, so new thread -


I'm dying to jump into the TP - I mean come on, a wireless Variax w/wireless MIDI - but have a few questions:


For just the basic "driver/gui" install - not any of the included synths - are there any licensing issues, perhaps other than a basic challenge/response (if even that)?


I noted a thread somewhere where the poster mentioned a problem with the physical spacing of the pickup (i.e. the TP pickup was wider than the available space and he had to route and move the bridge pickup) - I'm using a 69, anyone know if I'll have to lollipop around with such on installation?


And perhaps the biggie - does/can the TP show up as a controller source inside a DAW?  In my current live keyboard rig (which is what I'd like to access with the TP) I use Ableton as a host for the plethora of soft synths I already have (hence my dismissal of the included synths, above).  Perfect world, the TP would simply appear as another MIDI source, like any of the keyboards I currently have attached.  Anybody done this?  (Btw - 32 bit environment...)


I'm eager to go into the TP, lose the 13pin cable and commitment to Roland sounds that entails, but to do so means I'll have to muck about with a thoroughly-debugged and smoothly functioning music laptop, which I hesitate to do until I'm sure it will do what I want/need.


So - you TP users out there, enlighten me please....






addendum - "lollipop"??  "LOLLIPOP"??  What the heck is that??  I sure didn't type that - am assuming some little 'bot objected to whatever word I used and auto replaced it - but I'm not given to unneeded vulgarities in public forums.  Wish I could recall what I typed there.


Oh well - lollipop it.  (I did type that one....)

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I didn't have to lollipop anything when I installed the FTP pick-up on my JTV69! :-)


I think if I remember correctly, the JTV89 has a spacing issue.







I have the tripleplay on my 69.  Setup was fine.  The tripleplay shows up as a midi device in my daw (fl studio).


Thanks guys - ordering today!!  (Gotta go back and re-watch Wizard of Oz - exactly what does the "Lollipop Guild" do...?)

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I think the advantage over other MIDI pickups might be that you don't have to damage your guitar's finish by drilling and lollipoping into it to install the pickup. I'd suggest we double-check the dolollipopentation, though; I don't want to come off as being all lollipopsure about it.

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