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When are we getting the AMPLIFi v1.1 firmware?


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Sorted: found the solution elsewhere in the forum, Factory reset on amp, delete then reinstall amplifi remote, and resync - job done. That makes it a bit more fun. Generally very happy with this gear, originally bought as full range flat response amp for my Roland GR55 guitar synth so the amp/fx are an added bonus. Just wish it had line out, active USB and Variax capability, just have to wait and see what future updates bring.

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Hi robmorely


I put this in another thread but I can share here as well. I re-flashed my 75 and the presets also came up all saying <Empty>. In addition I did not see any new capability with my Shortboard (effects were not highlighted as I turned them on and off and app did not follow band and preset selections or knob changes on the amp etc.)


I had to do two things to get the 100 presets to show up in my situation..


1. I deleted and reinstalled the IOS Amplifi Remote Application on my iPad. I did not lose any of My Tones doing this.

2. Do a factory reset on the amp. (Hold down Master Volume and Tone and then Power  the amp up).


After doing all this I could see the 100 FX100 presets in the amp via the IOS app and my Shortboard functionality improved a great deal now doing all the things noted above.


Hope this helps


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