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POD HD500 Driver Installs on one PC but not the other. Help.


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I have a POD HD500 that i have just recently bought. I have previous experience with this pedal, but have never run into an issue like this one. I will do my best to explain this without getting anyone confused. 


I have 2 Computers. A custom build and a factory built Dell. The POD HD500 drivers will not properly install on my custom built PC, but install perfectly fine on the factory built Dell. The custom built computer is my primary computer and the one I am wanting to use for recording. This issue is very odd to me because i have previously had a friends HD500 connected to the custom built pc for 3 months and it worked fine. I haven't made any changes to the computer since then. I have tried installing the drivers as administrator, tried every USB port (which all work fine for any other devices). My PC recognizes the POD HD500 in the device manager, but is not recognized in Line 6 Monkey or HD500 Edit. I am at a loss and would appreciate any helpful advice. 

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I think it could be on the Line 6 end as this topic seems prevalent but if your "main" computer has been hijacked with malware you'll have driver issues like this with other usb devices you try connecting as well.


This is presuming the PC's hardware are clean of dust which can load the CP"U and cause boot up errors and other lmaladies.


Try REVO uninstaller. And select advanced tab and than select all each time remnants are found.


Reinstall the Line6 installer.

Connect the HD500


"Loading presets" will be on the screen. Once done.


Open Monkey, do not update the driver. Do that last  after any other updates and see.

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One major critical factor that nobody pays any attention at all is the computer’s operating system (OS).  Remember that all L6 s/w operates on top of the OS.  If the OS is not working flawlessly and virus-free (and believe it or not,  a certain OS in many cases it is not), then nothing performs as expected. So, as a rule of thumb, always perform a FW update after a FRESH REBOOT, with no other "..daemons" running on ur PC.

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I had the same problem, there is a problem with other PC, for sure, you should try to use a registry cleaner if you don't want to reinstall your Windows, of course. This cleaner will delete all corrupted files and also fix all errors of the operating system. I found this article, when I was trying to find a suitable cleaner, there you can find the best pc optimization software . Personally, I'm using Ccleaner because it's free to download and intuitive.

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