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Amplifi Remote


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Has anyone found a way to assign previously stored presets (my tones or the tones that came preloaded) to the user defined bank?


Also, I wish the software would let you jump between banks via the ios device , not from the pedal. Hitting two foot switches at the same tome is a bit awkward.



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You can save a preset to the hardware, which causes it to be in the user bank you saved it to on the hardware.


You should be able to change to any of the 100 presets via the app from the hardware view page. Look for AMPLIFi on the left.

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Sorry but may be i miss something.


For example, i'm playing the preset A on bank 1, so i choose the preset C on bank 3 with the app, i can play with this sound but the pedal is always on bank 1 preset A, that's right or the app is able to change the pedal display?


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OK. Now we are on to something.

How about this idea:

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to select an entire bank of tones, using the iPad or iPhone, and then have all of the switches on the device then function within that bank (rather than switch back to the bank number that the device was set to at the time)?

AND.....wouldn't it be great to be able to go directly to any bank without having to incrementally step one bank at a time?

Using the "2 switch" method to move up and down banks is clunky enough, but what if I want to go from bank 1 to bank 23?

That's just ridiculous.

Why not just use a system like selecting a TV channel with a remote: punch in the bank numbers, and hit select?

This could be done right on the iPhone or iPad (via a number pad within the Amplifi application)....OR.....maybe even include a small TV style remote with a number pad with the pedal?

That would make the idea of having "banks" of tones really functional.

Different banks could be customized for different songs, or different styles (country, blues, metal, etc.).

Each song, or style, ("bank") would have four customized tone choices, one assigned to each switch.

And you would select the bank directly: not by moving incrementally up and down.

Now that would make the FX100 a super versatile multi-functional pedal....for real!

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Right, if a future firmware update allows the FX100's display to mirror the app, that would be great.

So you could say jump from bank 1 to 23. But with the foot-switches, going from bank 1 to 23 is only 3 steps down. :D


But I totally get what you are saying.


But for live use it should be easy enough to configure the FX100 to match your set with a few adjacent banks.

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