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My Tones ?


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Good question.


I think they will as long as you had a connection before going to Timbuktu.


I will partial test this this weekend, I won't go to Timbuktu, but I will disable my WiFi and see if My Tones are still accessible in the app.


I will post back the results unless someone beats me to it.




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That's right: apparently when it says on your iPad or iPhone that it is "downloading" the tones, it means it is downloading from the FX100 to your iPhone or iPad (via the bluetooth connection), not from the internet.

The internet is not needed for the FX100 to communicate with an iPad or iPhone, and all of the preset tones in the banks are already stored on the device (after doing the initial upgrade).

By saving the preset tones listed in the "banks" to "My Tones", they then become stored on the iPad or iPhone as well.

That's why they suggest you save any preset tones you intend to modify on the device to "My Tones" first (saw this in a tutorial online).

It's a good idea to simply save all of the preset tones to your iPad or iPhone "My Tones" folder (unless you are really jammed for storage space).

That way when you overdub, or modify, a preset tone in one of the banks on the device, you still have the original tone stored under "My Tones" on your iPad or iPhone.

(At least I think that's how it works)

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My issue here is where is the FX100 storing the edited tones? There is no ID on what bank is what so when I download a tone, edit and save it, where is it going. When I play with that tone showing on the app, no change is occurring on the FX100 so where does it go or am I not communicating with the FX100 in that instance? This is all very confusing and I'm pretty good at tech.

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If you select a "My Tones" tone, it should load to the hardware.

Any tone you currently have selected you can choose to save to the hardware if you wish.


My guess is My Tones may be saved to your Line6 account, and the most recent version the last time the app was connected to the cloud is saved locally on your iOS7 device.

I do know for sure my last set of "My Tones" were availbe with no inter net connection.

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If you are selecting a tone from My Tones, the FX100's display does not change, but the tone you selected becomes the tone the processes your guitar signal.


If you are saying you are selecting a tone in My Tones and the sound doesn't change at all, it's either the same tone or you have a pairing problem/BT connection issue.

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I'm having the same problem. I choose a song from my playlist and a list of tones shows up on right. I select one of the tones and nothing changes. I go into edit and make some changes and I still hear the original preset from my FX100. I store the tone in My Tones but I do not have the option of saving to hardware.


What Am I doing wrong?

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