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replacement bridge for JTV 69?

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No piezos etc. I will soon have two "gutless" JTV 69s. Bodies, necks, pickups etc. Missing pots and bridge. Could make decent strat type axe for someone, if I had a bridge for them. I assume a normal 2 point strat type bridge would work but knowing Mr. Tyler I take zero for granted.

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toaster is the transplant king :) whatever he did with them... i'd guess it's purple! :D


Ah. Is he putting the JTV guts into a new guitar? I've only seen 1 JTV transplant so far but they didn't play it sadly in the video.

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That would be a good guess. Lol. I had a LPB 69, but bought a black body only off of ebay. Had the black one refinished metallic purple, and put on a warmoth strat neck.


So I have LPB body and neck, plus pickups and guard. Just need bridge and pots.


Just ordered a bridge off of ebay. If it works, i may sell that guitar for 350-400.


I have a sunburst 69 that will be gutted and either put in a flying V with TV Jones pickups, tele neck and bigsby, or a billy bo body with lap steel conversion neck.


Hmmm, i have old variax guts laying around. Maybe I can cram them into the 69. . .lol

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Currently have 3.5 xplants. Tele, les paul, explorer, all flame tops, double bound in pearloid with duncan custom shop pearloid p rails.


The above mentioned refinished body with warmoth neck counts as .5.


Monday should be picking up purple metallic firebird, with tele neck, tele, strat and firebird pickups.


Really want to build a purple flame warmoth starcaster with pearloid and bigsby.

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