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Software/Hardware Morass (a situation that traps, confuses, or impedes)

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There has got to be a better way to plug in my HD500 and JTV 89 and edit. Yesterday I was in the studio and had some clicking issues when changing patches and I also wanted to write a DADGAD patch for my JTV. So when I got home...


I started Monkey and had to update several things. I forget exactly what I needed to update, but it took a while.


Then I needed to open Workbench. So I opened the program and realized that it doesn't work with JTV, (but I need to keep it because I still have a Variax 500.)


So I opened Workbench HD.


I can't find the JTV Interface and cords. I search for about fifteen minutes and it is where I looked the first time! 


Oh yeah, I have to have a 1/4 cord plugged in to the guitar jack. Oh no, my battery is dead. I have to charge it overnight...


Today, battery charged and ready to go. Everything is plugged in. I open Workbench. It seems to be working so I do some edits and I get a message saying it can't send the preset to the guitar...


I go to Line 6 Support and do a search for the exact words of the error message and nothing comes up. I do another search and I'm searching within my current results, so I back out and try it again in the forum, in the knowledge base... Nothing. Am I the only one having this problem? So I try the "Error Code." No luck. I put my problem in my own words and finally get a result that seems to apply that isn't in Japanese or German. The guys ultimate solution was sending his guitar back and getting a new one!? Somewhere in the responses someone mentions a JTV firmware update.


I go back to Monkey to see if I have the most current firmware for the guitar. Now the interface is only showing one green light and one red light.


I unplug. I plug. I remove the battery. I put the battery back. Somehow I get Monkey to find the guitar. But in the process I realize that I'm now installing the midi interface, which I don't need, and it is telling me I'll need to reboot the computer to complete the installation.


Rebooted and read to check Monkey! I have 2.0, I need 2.1. Now Monkey isn't recognizing my guitar again.


I unplug. I plug. I remove the battery. I put the battery back. Two green lights! I update the guitar!


I go to Workbench HD and it works! ...Almost 24 hours later.


"Elegant and user friendly, this is not," said Yoda. I don't even remember why I wanted the DADGAD patch and I'm too frustrated to play even if I could remember.


Then end result is fine. I'm a big Line 6 fan. Nice guitar, great versatility, but there has to be a better way to integrate all these updates. I'll bet you Line 6 guys know I'm right and you probably wish it was better as well. I'll bet you'd have a lot more customers. $$$

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as an addition to the confusion.... 
i have an X3, i know it does not have the connectivity that the hd500 has but i like the dual channel feature so i don't intend on upgrading unless i have a major break down.

but am i right in thinking i can use the VDI connection to the PC in workbench HD (jtv 69) and run the required jack out to my pod so i can monitor the changes made? as i need to re-balance after the recent update.

i am a little slow ATM (children..... grrrr) so sorry if it seems a bit of a silly Q....... 

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Depends on how you will connect things up.


Workbench HD is not compatible with the Pod X3 series, so you can't use the VDI between your JTV and the X3 and then usb to your PC. However, if you use the Workbench HD interface that came with your JTV69 you can use that to connect to your PC running Workbench HD, and then connect the JTV 1/4" output to your Pod X3 Guitar input.

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