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Picked one up on the cheap in "like new" condish. I must say that I am glad I took a flyer on this unit. It's exactly what I need in my current and immediate future. Doing a 80's Metal Cover band and this thing has every single thing I need in one box. I was using a XXX with about 6 pedals and now it's just the Shortboard. 


I have a very cynical and precise ear and these so called "digital artifacts" people talk about? I don't get em. I am a tweaking veteran so I was able to dial in excellent tones in under an hour and set up my whole night in under 2. I did find however that it likes to be loud which is fine with me. 


One question for you real SV veterans out there though that I can't seem to find an answer to any where is how does this thing manage to sound so much bigger than it really is? This thing makes my XXX sound like a little Crate Combo and my XXX is in perfect working order. I'm talking as far as fullness of sound not sheer volume.


Hoping someone can shed some light on this as it amazes me. 




PS. I was a HUGE Line6 detractor before I got this amp. This is not a honeymoon thing either, I really love the heck outta this amp! I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't get it for 100 smackers WITH the shortboard. Glad I did.

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Glad you found that SV, what a deal! I use my SV mkii Bogner for a variety of different cover sounds, but some of the hotter metal tones on it are my favorite. You will find that shortboard saving you a bunch of setup/teardown time for each gig. Just reseat the ethernet connection on both ends if you ever experience anything strange with it on stage.  Yes SV is notoriously loud/full. Not sure how it's done...

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