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question about charger for JTV59

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I think I accidentally threw away the paper that came with my JTV59 about the charger.  I went to charge my battery last night and wasn't sure if it was charged this morning or not.  I figured the light would turn green when charged.  It was blinking when it had been on steady last night.  How do I know that the battery is fully charged with this charger?  Thanks.  Just got my JTV59 last week and this is the first time I have charged the battery.

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I leave my battery on the charger overnight.  I think you get close to the 12 hours on a charge but I have never kept track of how much I played it between charges.  I now use the VDI cable with my HD500x so I don't run on the battery all that much.

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the included VDI cable is only for use with the included interface... by design...

meaning... you were never supposed to use it live anyway...



yeah, I need to get a vdi cable that is not folded like the one that came with it.  That one is great for plugging into the computer, but it is a nuisance to use live. :)

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