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X3 Live with M13

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I have a x3 Live that I typically use for church either by direct output or through a Marshall 30 watt amp for stage volume. I picked up a M13 for a decent deal and looking to add this to my set up. At home I typically just practice and create my sound patches through the X3 Live headphone output. I guess my questions is how can I hook up my X3 Live and the M13 while still using my headphone output for home use.


I'd like to take advantage of the looper cababilities with the M13 for practice and jamming at home.  I've tried a couple cable simulations as to how you would connect the M13 with and an actual amp, (using the FX loop or in front of the amp), but instead of using an actually amp using the X3 Live as the amp. With one of the methods I'm getting some feed back or humming in the head phones. Just looking for suggestions if anyone using the M13 and X3 Live togther and mostly for at home headphones use. Wasn't sure if I also needed to go into the M13 settings for output options, I just got it and I really  haven't messed too much with it.



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