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Is My Pod Broken?

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Pod Broken:


I'm running a POD 2.0 through a line 6 spider. It sounds good with a clean tone, but this is what I get when I start getting into distortion settings. It sounds the same through headphones. My guitar hooked straight to the amp sounds fine.

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Oooo I see what you mean that is nasty in a bad way.


What Spider? If it has an effects loop I would run it through that. But the question would be why would you want to? (unless its for FBV control) the Spider (whichever) should for the most part be equal to the Pod's.


Does the pod sound fine on another amp (amp set for a clean channel/or line in'ed)?  and if the Spider sounds good on its own - it may be that the two just weren't meant to be together.


I've never had much luck running anything into the old Spider II I have but then again it never needed much (other than wishing for a foot control) :-)


If you are dead set on it - set the spider on the cleanest setting with no effects at all then "try" the pod at the lowest fx setting and gradually increase them. It "may" work but it will probably sound pretty bad.




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Sounds like digital clipping to me. Try lowering the output levels of the pod and use the cleanest channel on the amp and manipulate the sound with the pod. Another way to look at it is you have a unique sound there.

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