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Workbench HD problem when selecting model body

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Last night I was using Workbench HD to adjust the string levels for models on my JTV59.  The JTV59 connected with VDI into HD500 then via USB to Win 7 PC running Workbench HD.  Everything running latest firmware levels. I adjusted string levels on quite a few models and reviewed all of them. The ones I changed I transferred (uploaded) to Variax - and I did this several times.  Most of the time it was fine, however, sometimes it seemed to take a few seconds to recognise when I had selected a different bank and model and the Workbench HD would grey out and appear to hang but then a few seconds later there would be a click and everything would be in sync.


Once I was happy with my string volume adjustments I then thought I would try out swapping a body on one of the models just to see how it worked.  I had noticed that whilst adjusting the string volumes that whichever model I had selected, the body type on the Workbench HD screen would always show as Neutral, when I thought it should show the body of the actual model selected. 


Anyway, I had SEMI bank selected and position 1.  I had just tried swapping the pickup from SEMI HUMBUCKER to LP HUMBUCKER and then swapped it back which I did by downloading the SEMI pos 1 model from the JTV59 rather than re-updating the Workbench HD definition. 


So everything seemed fine at this point and I could see the SEMI model chosen in the main window, and NEUTRAL showing as body type in the bottom part of the window, so I clicked on the slider and rotated through the different models and noted that the main window did not change and still showed the SEMI body type.  I just happened to stop on the CHIME body type and decided to use that - so I clicked on the body icon - this seemed to take after a pause and the chime model body was shown but now the sound I could hear sounded like the Chime 12 string model.  Odd, so I decided to reset it but then discovered it would not change even when I selected the Semi body type or any other body type. 


So I tried to download from Variax again and received a popup which I think said Midi time out error with a code.  Oh no.  So I then tried switching model banks on the JTV59 and using the pickup selector switch and discovered that all positions now just played the Chime 12 string model. So I tried switching off the modelling on the JTV59 and discovered that the push down knob would not disengage modelling mode.  Oh no again - what had happened?   So I ended Workbench HD on the PC, and again tried to switch off modelling and to select a different model on the JTV59 and found that all I could get was the Chime 12 string model.   So then I decided to disconnect the VDI cable and power off the JTV59.  I did that and waited for about 30 seconds to make sure that all power had gone, then I reconnected it and to my great relief it reverted back to normal and the settings that I had previously made before messing with the BODY option.  PHEW! 


Unfortunately, I panicked at the time and did not make a note of the popup window and error code or an exact note of every single step I had taken to get to the problem or every step I took to resolve the problem.  The description above is what I remember but I am not too keen to try it again  in case I break the JTV59 more permanently next time.  I am on latest firmware for everything - so I was not expecting any issues. 


Has anyone used the MODEL BODY Selection with Workbench HD without any issue or has anyone experienced this problem or something similar?


Is the MODEL BODY selection part of Workbench HD broken - or was this just a one off glitch that hit me - or was it a particular sequence of actions that caused the problem?



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when in trouble with windows power off and restart.

in 99% of the cases "problem" is solved.


bear in mind that JTV59 connected with VDI int2 HD500 then via USB to PC running Workbench HD means u have 3 "computers" communicating with each other via usb+proprietary protocol running on ethernet cable (VDI).


I believe it was just due 2 a miss-communication btwn the devices.


Can u reproduce the incident?

If yes, then u have just found a bug, open a sprt tckt.

if no,  don't worry, proceed 2 ...business as usual...

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Thanks John - I have a gig this Saturday so I don't want to mess around with this just in case I brick my JTV59 - however I may get up courage to try again when I don't have any gig dates coming up....


Meanwhile,  has anyone else encountered a problem when selecting a different body type within Workbench HD?   Thanks.

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