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What's going on?


I've had my POD for well over a year and I'm just now trying to figure out how to use it! LOL!!!!


Stupid question. What do I need in order to download tones from the site to my laptop and then, from my computer to my POD? I'm definitely new to this and I'd like some solid and sound advice. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps. It's most appreciated

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You will need a quality midi/usb cable MAudio Uno for ex. and a copy of Line 6 Edit.  (Skip the chinese midi/usb - they may or may not work and you do get what you pay for and trust me "we" all buy them (its $3 vs $45) but eventually we all put out the $45).


If everything is good -> L6Edit should detect the Midi/Usb in preferences (or auto detect it) and away you go. Screw around with the interface, its fairly intuitive.


A good resource is the search forums feature here is problems arise. Like don't connect to a hub, what OS is supported...etc...


Rock On!


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