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iPad reconnect delay after screen unlock

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I'm planning to buy an iPad to use it with the M20d. One important thing for me would be to know how long it takes until the iPad reconnects to M20d when the iPad screen is unlocked by the user. Or is the connection immediately back as soon as I unlock the screen. Or even worse: Do I have to type in the code every time I unlock the screen?


Background of my questions: For example if somebody talks into the microphone an there is feedback coming up I quickly need to turn the corresponding fader down if I'm not at the M20d. Of course I could use the feedback destroyer ... I know :-). But just as a scenario ...


Would be great if somebody could give me feedback, thanks!


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Hi Berkon,


With a stable wifi connection, the app will stay connected during ipad-lock or even do a quick reconnect, if so configured.


The issue I have is in using the supported samsung usb-wifi stick in parallel with two line6 wireless microphones (XD V 55).

In this setup the ipad loses its wifi connection very often. Maybe the samsung signal is to weak or interferes with the mics.

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There are options within the app that mean you can prevent the iPad from sleeping whilst the connection to the M20d is active (ie whilst the app is active).


If it does go off, either you knock it or turn off deliberately, or switch apps, it takes approx. 3-4 seconds to re-establish the connection (assuming your WiFi signal is strong enough.

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Thanks for your quick reply! Maybe you could solve your microphone Problem by switching the iPad and the Wifi Stick to 5 GHz Band. Both should be capable of. Than it would no longer interfere with the 2,4 GHz Mic Signal.




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