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SD Recording, very low audio levels

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Hi, did my first live recording with the M20d on an SD card.

Everything easy and recorded well but with very low audio levels.


My two mic channels were levelled around 0db and guitar and bass around -5db.

Main out level was at -10db. I recorded inputs and main outs.


The individual tracks appear louder than the main mix. The main mix .wav file imported into my DAW shows let's say max. 8-10% of a useful audio level.


How can I adjust volume levels for recording?

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In a nutshell, the M20d leaves more headroom on purpose. In my test I had a signal at 0db in the m20D and it showed up at -15 in Apple Logic. 


  SInce it's in 24 bit word format, it's actually not a problem at all. 


You can normalize as SiWatts69 says, or just bump your gain in your DAW by 15 dB...



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