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WiFi remote control, problems when using line6 wireless handhelds XD-V55

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My gear is as follows:

M20d. (Firmware 1.20)

Samsung WIS12ABGNX

Ipad 3

2x XD-V55 handhelds

XD-V75 receiver

XD-V55 receiver


The Mics work fine, but the WiFi connection with the Remote Stagescape App drops a lot of times.

Even though I use the XD-V75 channel scan to select the best channels on the mics.


Anybody out there with some hints?

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Get your Samsung dongle higher up (use a USB extension cable if necessary


Then position your XD receivers quite some distance away from the dongle.


Your problem lies in that the dongles have a far weaker signal than a router would have AND it is sharing the 2.4GHz frequency band with your radio mics.

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there was a firmware update for the relay guitar packs to address a wireless connection issue on the M20d. Don´t know if this will also help out here, but you might also want to try a firmware update on the wireles mic receivers. Just a shot in the dark, but maybe worth a try.

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The xdv's run in the default mode. I didn't change it after unpacking. The xdv gear is new.

Usually in a venue I do a channel scan with my xdv75 receiver and then select the two best channels which mostly are 1 to 3 or 12. I do this after the mixer and the samsung stick are on M20d is configured in standalone mode at channel 11(2.462Ghz)

M20d an the xdv receivers sit in a single 11height rack together with analog wireless systems from AKG.

When other wifi is around then the connection dropping happens more often.

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So it looks like you are running the XDVs in RF2 mode. That is fine as long as you can control all wi-fi in the venue. If you cannot then you should switch over to RF1 mode.


Your ipad is likely loosing its connection due to wi-fi interference from other devices and not from the XDVs unless you are getting them very close to the dongle. I would recommend getting the dongle up in the air about 6-8 high by using a USB extension cable.


You can get some idea of how much interference is in the room by using the scan function on the V75 receiver with no transmitters or the dongle turned on. In that case any interference from other sources will show up. If you see bars with all your transmitters turned off they are from residual wi-fi in the venue ( which I'm guessing is most of your problem)


The best fix would be to switch to a 5g router and then you likely won't have any issues and the connection will be twice as fast.

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