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Stompbox mode?


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Could you accomplish the same goal by putting the tone/patch you want on all 4 switches, and then on each one saving it with OD on/off or chorus on/off.  I guess you wouldn't have quite the same level of control, but you could have the same tone on adjacent switches but with subtle differences.

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Cue *tap dance of bank up/down*

In all seriousness, thank you guys for the info & alternative solution.  Pros & cons I guess, big pro would be just one foot tap to go to a completely different sound.


That would beg a 2nd question, any dead silence or delay when changing patches like the old days... *cough* digitech gnx *cough*

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You could submit a feature request to IdeaScale.


IMHO switching between patches is pretty reasonable.

If I remember correctly it's nearly instantaneous switching between A-B-C-D within a bank with the FS.


Gratuitous plug:

Here are 2 ideas that I think would be useful.

Feel free to vote them up or down (or not at all!!)

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