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FBV MkII and Pod Farm 2.5 standalone/plugin loading preset tones problem

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Hi there, I just recently acquire a FBV short board MKII to interact with my Pod Farm 2.5 standalone/plugin instead of using my mouse to enable/disable effects and loading preset tones. 


All was working perfectly, loading banks, loading presets in the banks, the exp pedal 1 and my second expression pedal, a EP1-L6 from missing engineering, everything except for the stomp, modulation, delay and reverb switches. 


What I means with this. Well first I started with my stomp, modulation, delay and reverb switches off(No LED light). Then I load a Pod Farm preset with MIDI by example loading the Black Helicopter (MIDI factory preset).  What I founded is something that I wasn't expecting, but I don't know if this behavior is working properly with the FBV MKII.  


This effect has reverb, delay, modulation, and stomp FX enabled by default. But my FBV MKII Leds for those effects doesn't turn on. What I need to do if I want to turn off the delay by example, I need to press one time my delay switch in my foot controller to turn on and the press again to turn off that effect in Pod Farm also the led in my foot controller. 


But if I leave the stomp, modulation, delay and reverb switches on(LED on), and then I load a pod farm  preset  + midi with some of that Fx disabled by default, my led switches in the foot controller remains turned on. Then, I need to press twice the switch to synchronize the Fx state with the pod farm.


Seems is not very practical way to load tone and controlling the individual FX in that way.


My question here is, Am I missing something?

Is this the correct function of the Pod Farm with the FBV MKII?

That control level and sync state between pod farm and FBV MKII doesn't exist, It's like a some kind of dumb controller?


I will appreciate if some one can help me with this.


Thanks in Advance

Sorry for my English, I'm not an English native speaker.



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