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So the 69 did something odd...

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Ok, so after an hour or so of playing the JTV69 thru my 500X, with the Lester-1 model in standard tuning, the guitar suddenly jumped into an alt tuning. At first I thought it was just me being sloppy, but quickly determined that this was not the case. I hadn't changed patches on either the guitar or the POD, and was nowhere near the alt tuning knob.


Now the alt tuning knob itself was in the drop Db position...I usually don't pay too much attention to where it is, as each time the guitar is powered up it defaults to standard tuning anyway.


Anyone else have this happen? I reflashed 2.1 just for giggles, and proceeded to play for several more hours leaving the alt tuning knob in the same spot, but playing in std tuning. Plenty of patch and model changes this time, but I could not get it to repeat the problem, so I'm hoping it was just a one-off digital fart...time will tell.

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I have not had this happen, but from what I recall from the manual, the alt-tune knob should be set to MODEL to ensure you get the tuning that is set for the particular model selected - if you then move it to another position it overrides whatever is set in the model and enforces whatever tuning is set to that position.   Now with the HD500 and 500X you can store in a patch a forced tuning for a variax model, so when you choose that patch the forced tuning saved with the patch takes over - but what I am not sure of is whether that forced tuning will override the setting of the ALT TUNING KNOB on the JTV.   I have not tried it myself, but I would think that logically the patch setting should override the knob setting BUT if you move the knob on the JTV that then would override the patch setting and reset the tuning to where you have moved the alt tuning knob to.


I always have my alt-tune knob set to MODEL and control and altered tunings from the stored HD500 patch.   But I wonder whether you have uncovered a glitch where the guitar can jump to the setting of the alt-tune knob without being forced, if the alt-tune knob is set to anything other than MODEL, but I wondered what triggered it to do that, especially as it is behaving itself now.

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consider forcing JTV standard tuning on ALL ur HD500 presets. 

this way u practically elimimate the possibility of this strage behaviour happening again...

also it seems a sound idea 2 have ur tuning selector knob always @standard...

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At this point I tend to concur with jandrio,... some sort of communications hicup.

Sounds like a 'one-off" so far. Maybe the knob wasn't square on the detent point.

I've had that happen a couple times. But then I've serviced a lot of JTV's. 

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