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G50 uses

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question here; I picked up a used M13 recently and it came with a G50 wireless. I've had some fun running the wireless in the 'standard' manner, from guitar to input of pedal, m13 and HD500.


Was wondering, can the G50 be used as the output send:?> Meaning, the out from the pedalboard rig to the input of an amp for example?

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I would try before buying.   The latency is surely acceptable coming out of the pedalboard if its acceptable going in, but if  you go wireless both in and out you'll be doubling the latency.  I would worry abit about potential interference between the two as well (recent RF spectrum changes seem to have more and more devices competing for bandwidth) and would also be interested in the electrical characteristics coming out of the board versus coming out of a guitar.  But if you give it a try and it works you should let everyone know !

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