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Can't Connect POD XT VIA USB to MAC OSX Mavericks

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     Hello There, I haven't been able to connect my POD XT to my Mac using the USB cable. Tried using Monkey and it doesn't recognize the drivers. They download from the server, and install, but after the computer restarts it's doesn't see the drivers. The screenshot shows the Line 6 Monkey. Tried different USB cables, different versions of drivers and different versions of the monkey software. Please help me out!

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Hello there Jack!


Let me start off with - I know nothing of Macs - but maybe we can snare a few of the guys who do who can help you.


Does your Mac recognize the XT at all? If not you "may" have to upgrade the flash memory using the usb/midi cable route (IIRC).


What version flash memory does your XT have?


Have you ever been able to connect it via usb before? (or is the first time you are trying?)



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