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POD Farm 2.5 Platinum Problem. Amp and effect don't work

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I recently purchased the POD Farm Platinum and run it as stand alone software. I'm using KB37 as my sound card as I connect my guitar to it. I switch between different amps and effects and none of them are working as if my guitar signal didn't pass through the devices. I went through the entire list of the amps, occasionally one or two amp option gives me a different tone, yet most of the amp selections, i'd say 90% sounds exactly the same as the clean sound. Same things happened to the effect pedals as well. Doesn't matter if I switch between delays or modulations, it always the clean sound. Basically, none of the amps or effects are working. I've tried both on PC and mac and I've aways end up in the same result. 


I've tried different versions, from the newest 2.57 to the 2.51 and it always ends up the same. I've go through the support troubleshooting by deleting all the files when i'm uninstall a version. Seems like none of these are working. Please help me with this issue. I really need to get this working.



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